Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Wood Moisture Readings

Did you know that wooden materials can only hold 30% of their weight in water? Our moisture meters that we use to measure structural materials are designed to tell us just how dry the material is.

Ceiling Damage

People often think of water damages that affect their floors but a storm can create issues overhead. Next time you have a winter storm be sure and look up! Then call SERVPRO of Lodi at 209-368-6119

Plugged Gutters in Storms Lead to Problems!

When storms roll through your roof gutters normally channel the water away from your home. But a plugged gutter can cause water to back up under your roof sheeting and enter your home. Typically you won't see any damage until the moisture comes through the walls. Here's a picture of some water damage and mold growth that occurred after a gutter backed up during a storm last winter. Call SERVPRO of Lodi at 209-368-6119 for a water damage inspection next time your concerned!

Non Destructive Drying

If you have wet materials that need to be dried without removal call SERVPRO of LODI. This customer had hand painted walls with beautiful murals in their home, we were able to dry the walls down without removing any drywall, thus preventing an expensive repaint!

Bedroom Ceiling Collapse During a Storm

When heavy wind and rain occur, the roofing materials in your home can be compromised. When water enters your attic it can damage the insulation which ultimately can lead to a ceiling collapse. The next time your in a stormy situation like this call SERVPRO of LODI 209-368-6119

Roof Leaks in Stockton,CA

SERVPRO of LODI was called out to investigate the condition of an empty home in Stockton, California during a winter storm. The management company hadn't visited the home in over a month. The roof tarp had blown off and there was significant damage to the interior of the home.